Reading mentor WSB for pupils
WSB News 16 Sep. 2022

WSB: Reading mentor for children

Under the motto "We create education", we are actively committed to promoting young talent as a training company. With the participation in the Reading mentors" project of the Mannheimer Morgen we want to promote the reading skills of children and young people and introduce them to the classic medium of the newspaper as an important source of information in the digital age. As reading mentors, we support the Eberhard Gothein School and the Elisabeth Gymnasium from Mannheim - and has been doing so for several years.

"Reading creates knowledge and is therefore an important foundation for all areas of life. For young people in particular, reading is the first thing that gives them access to education and participation in social life," says Svetlana Ryzhenko, partner and tax consultant at WSB.


More information about WSB's social projects can be found on the page Social Commitment.


Nadja Neubig, Human Resources & Unternehmenskommunikation
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