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Paperless and automated - that's what modern processes look like today. Convert your systems - we help you into the digital age. Save administrative work and resources and gain more time for your important core tasks. From document entry to paperless tax returns, service provision to communication with clients and tax authorities, as well as individual interface consulting - we provide you with holistic support for digitization. Benefit from our experience.

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„Digitale DATEV Kanzlei“ – 6 Jahre in Folge

Als eine der ersten Kanzleien wurde WSB im März 2019 die Auszeichnung „Digitale DATEV-Kanzlei“ verliehen. 2024 haben wir zum sechsten Mal in Folge das Label von der DATEV eG erhalten.

Every year, we undergo an audit of the newly defined digitization criteria in the areas of accounting, taxes and payroll. The label "Digital DATEV Law Firm" guarantees that we are up-to-date on the subject of digitization.

Awarded as Digital DATEV Law Firm

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  • DATEV Entrepreneur Online
  • DATEV Employee Online
  • DATEV Tax Advisor Online
  • DATEV My Taxes Online

Our services for you:

  • Digitization of all accounting, tax and payroll processes
  • Interface consulting (to DATEV, import and export of data to or from third-party or pre-recording systems)
  • Digitization of your receipts
  • Digital personnel file
  • Digital invoicing
  • Digital payroll
  • Electronic data exchange and communication with clients, tax authorities
  • Digital data acquisition and processing

Your benefit:

  • Individual services
  • Greater flexibility thanks to digital databases
  • Near real-time performance possible
  • Time savings through agile work processes
  • Automation of administrative tasks, reduced administrative workload
  • Cloud-based data exchange
  • Reduction of manual and administrative effort
  • Avoidance of manual errors during data acquisition and processing
  • Recognizing undesirable developments at an early stage
  • More time for you: for individual consultation and active design
"For us, the "Digital DATEV Law Firm" award is proof of our firm's digital competence."
Torsten Krennrich
Partner of WSB in Ludwigshafen

You want to digitize? We will be happy to support you.


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