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Values are our


Corporate philosophy of WSB

Our Vision is to improve people's lives. With our services, we help people, companies and non-profit institutions in an individual and trustworthy way to position themselves in the best possible economic way while acting in a socially, responsibly and ecologically sustainable manner. In our mission statement, we have defined our values, which we live in our daily actions both internally and externally: "Character," "Potential," "Community" and "Responsibility.

Guided by values - our WSB mission statement

How did we arrive at our values? Clearly with and through our clients. In more than 70 years of experience in tax consulting, auditing and management consulting, we developed a self-image. Every day, more than 130 employees are guided by this in their tasks. This mission statement consists of:

Character - authentic, honest & fair

Behind all the numbers are people. Our clients, partners and employees. We all have individual strengths that we bring to our joint work. Together, we rely on mutual fairness, honesty and authenticity.

Responsibility - value-oriented, ecological, social

For us, success can only take place in an intact environment that we shape with mutual appreciation. This value concept is transferred to our dealings with clients in order to generate solutions with added value and to achieve economic success.

Community - cooperative, appreciative, reliable

Erfolg ist für uns eine Gemeinschaftsleistung. Jeder in unserem Team bringt sich ein und trägt mit seinen Fähigkeiten zum Ziel bei. Wir sind füreinander da, unterstützen uns und lernen voneinander. Grundpfeiler hierfür sind echte menschliche Empathie und Wertschätzung.

Potentials - determined, courageous, creative

Decades of experience result in knowledge that is passed on and adds up to new knowledge from continuous training and further education. It takes courage and determination to apply this know-how for our clients.

In all our thoughts and actions we act holistically and thus lay the foundation for a trusting and cooperative partnership with our clients, employees and business partners.

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