Accurate and

For fair pay.


Payroll accounting - In action for the employee

Sensitivity is required when it comes to wages and salaries - you are laying the foundation for a social and trusting relationship.

From the individually suitable employment model, to the possibilities of wage structuring, to punctual billing:

we facilitate your daily work in payroll accounting. In doing so, we keep all aspects of payroll tax law,

of social security law and labor law in mind.

Our services at a glance:

  • Payroll accounting
  • Notifications to the tax office, social insurance institutions and other institutions
  • Management of payroll accounts
  • Net Wage Optimization
  • Special tax features, e.g. mini-job, midi-job, company pension scheme (bAV), tax-free compensation, benefits in kind, non-cash benefits, company car, etc.
  • Industry-specific features of remuneration (construction wages, care wages, collective agreements)
  • Certification system
  • Support during audits by tax authorities and social insurance agencies

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