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WSB News 27 Oct. 2021

New seminar series

Many dental practices are unaware of the pitfalls in the area of sales tax. Information about this is provided by the new seminar series "Value Added Tax in the Dental Practice" which aescucon together with the DZR German Dental Computer Center organized. Dentists, dental administrative assistants and practice staff will learn from expert Sabrina Krennrich-Böhm how their various dental services are to be treated from a tax perspective. Typical cases of doubt will be presented with possible solutions. A fiscally interesting day awaits you!

Krennrich Boehm

"We see that with many clients, the services are incorrectly assessed for tax purposes. This usually only comes to light during the tax audit - and often has severe consequences," says Sabrina Krennrich-Böhm, tax consultant and certified specialist consultant for the health care professions at aescucon. The frequency and intensity of audits and the focus on sales tax and trade tax have increased. The individual services rendered are then scrutinized down to the last detail. At the latest now you should deal with the problems in your own practice and set the course for correct invoicing.

In the seminar, we address the following key points:

  • How dental services are treated for tax purposes.
  • How to distinguish services that are exempt from sales tax from those that are subject to sales tax.
  • Doubtful cases with possible solutions.
  • How to correctly deduct input tax.
  • What's behind the small business rule.
  • What auxiliary transactions are and how they are assessed for tax purposes.

The upcoming seminars will take place from 09:30 - 16:30 on the following dates:

  • 17.11.2021 Online
  • In March 2022 in Gröbenzell (date to follow)

The participation fee is 349 € plus VAT per person and includes seminar documents and catering.

You can find the possibility to register at:

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