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Income tax - spouse and children

Allein das unentschuldigte Versäumnis eines Meldetermins bei der Agentur für Arbeit rechtfertigt nicht, dass die Agentur die Arbeitsvermittlung ohne Mitteilung einstellt und damit der Anspruch auf Kindergeld wegfällt.
Even people who live in Germany only temporarily receive a tax identification number, which is a prerequisite for longer-term employment or the receipt of child benefits.
Despite the expiration of the Solidarity Pact II, the Baden-Württemberg Fiscal Court considers the continued application of the solidarity tax to be constitutional.
The Tax Relief Act 2022 implements most of the tax relief measures adopted by the government in February in two relief packages.
Garbage collection and sewage disposal by the municipality do not meet the requirements of a household service.
Despite a serious intention to continue education as soon as possible, the education-related child benefit entitlement for a child with a long-term illness may cease.
The traffic light coalition has passed another relief package that also includes a tax rebate of 300 euros for employees and the self-employed.
The remuneration of the insolvency administrator in the context of a private insolvency is not tax-deductible as an extraordinary expense.
Against the backdrop of sharply rising energy prices, the coalition committee has agreed on several relief steps that will now be launched.
To simplify matters, the tax authorities grant an allowance of 150 euros, up to which premium payments and health insurance bonuses do not count as premium refunds.

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