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Self-employed and entrepreneurs

Unternehmen aus energieintensiven Branchen haben noch bis zum 31. August 2022 Zeit, um einen Antrag auf den Zuschuss aus dem Energiekostendämpfungsprogramm der Bundesregierung zu stellen.
Auch wenn bestimmte bürgerliche Kleidungsstücke nur während der Berufsausübung getragen werden und nur dafür angeschafft wurden, ist ein Betriebsausgaben- oder Werbungskostenabzug ausgeschlossen.
The German Federal Ministry of Finance has published the latest version of the taxonomy for e-balance sheets, which is mandatory from 2023.
Despite the expiration of the Solidarity Pact II, the Baden-Württemberg Fiscal Court considers the continued application of the solidarity tax to be constitutional.
The allocation of payments to the previous calendar year under the ten-day rule in the income statement requires that the payment only became due around the turn of the year.
The new obligation to be entered in the transparency register for many companies is also accompanied by higher annual fees that the companies must bear.
Self-employed persons, tradesmen and farmers and foresters usually receive the EPP by reducing the advance income tax payment for the III quarter of 2022.
All employed persons will receive a one-time energy price allowance of 300 euros for 2022, which will be paid out via payroll or income tax.
The Tax Relief Act 2022 implements most of the tax relief measures adopted by the government in February in two relief packages.
Until the application deadline of June 15, 2022, entrepreneurs have the option to switch between New Start Assistance and Bridge Assistance IV if the other program is more beneficial to them.

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