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Internet and telecommunications

The German Federal Ministry of Finance has added some clarifications and a non-objection rule to its guidance on depreciation of hardware and software within one year.
Even without a major annual tax law last year, there were again some changes in tax law at the turn of the year.
In its coalition agreement, the traffic light coalition has laid down many planned changes in tax and social welfare law.
The Federal Ministry of Finance is shortening the depreciation period for hardware and software to 1 year from 2021.
The tax ID number is to become a universal personal identification number for data exchange between all public authorities.
For contactless payments with the girocard, the limit is to be doubled to 50 euros in the short term in order to be able to process more purchases without direct contact during the Corona crisis.
The states provide online application forms for emergency assistance and tax deferrals, as well as other information.
The ElsterFormular software will no longer be equipped with new modules for input forms by the tax authorities from 2020.
From 2020, the use of tamper-proof cash registers will be mandatory by law. The Federal Ministry of Finance has regulated many more details on these new requirements.
In addition to stricter requirements for electronic cash registers, employers and employees in particular will have to get used to many changes in tax and social security in 2020.

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